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Monday, 3 August 2015

It has been a long, nearly endless debate when it comes to choosing the best course of education. Most of us choose a public school. Some of us, prefers private schoool. Some others insist on religious school, some boarding school, and some doesn't even go to school. Like me.

Admittedly, there is nothing such as a perfect education system. To put it simple, one's education involves many factors other than just a system designed for mass education. Parents, friends, environment, even personal traits have to be taken into account.

Talking about school, many of us are obsessed with choosing the best school. Generally, a good school is one that rules over these criterias:

  • Good learning environment
  • Good teachers
  • Good academic reputation
  • Good university acceptance rate
  • And other stuff.
However, for sure, these values are very relative. For a school, it's mostly relative to the area where it's located. Here in Indonesia, we can say the standards are really low. Take the best engineering school around, ITB, as an example. The rate of acceptance per Faculty is extremely small, most of them has less than 5% admission rate. Even MIT has 7.8% admission rate. However, MIT sits comfortably on top of the world, while ITB can be found after digging a couple miles deep, rank 461 - according to  topuniversities. From these numbers, we can conclude that something is very, very wrong.

Who's guilty? No one. Most likely, it's the education system. It is true that there is no perfect system, but it is also true that there are plenty of incomplete system. And a weak system, produces weak people. I say it is to blame for Indonesia's small contribution in science. However let's face it, this is the reality, and to change it the system needs a long-term major overhaul. Since it's not happening yet (or so it seems), let's check what you can do to improve yourself.

First,  I believe it is essential for a student to have an extracurricular/organisational activity outside school. Be it a cooking class, a language course, a  humanitarian organization, or a part-time job (these ones I mentioned are highly recommended), it's best for you to have one. Not only to polish or add your technical skill, it's also to improve your life skill. Interaction with other people - who is not your age, work ethics, and other social skills you don't get in school. Also, you'll possess a better learning skill if you are in these activiteis.

Second, for the academics, your future prospects, have a special community for academics. Especially in the fields you like. Once you find the right people in the right place, your academics will be rocketing sky high. It could be bimbel, although bimbel can be defined as a forced learning environment. But better, it has to be a place of genuine interest, where you and some other study together to your heart's content. What if there isn't one? Easy, make one! It doesn't have to be a formal institution. It could be your fellow classmates. Or your fellow neighbors. This is important because simply the existence of these people, with similar goals and interest as you, will encourage you for your studies. If you're smart, they don't have to be smarter than you. You can be the one who helps them, and that will improve your skill as well.

Third, for psychological and spiritual strength, even if you're in a religious school, I'd recommend you to do some mentoring. Why? Because spiritual learning is special, you'll learn and use it your whole lifetime. Also because in the standard mentoring system you will have the responsibility to mentor someone else, this would also help you improve your learning skills, from the natural pressure, and also communication skills.

I guess, that's three advices I can give as a supposedly-recently-graduated-from-SHS senior. No matter which course of education you choose, you just need to live it. You don't have to be serious all the time, but always be serious when it's related to your goals. As I said, there is no perfect system, you just have to improvise.


By the way, I'm thinking of making one, a community for learning, where we can learn and share fun stuff. WDYT? Tell me in the comments!


Nan said...

When you mentioned ITB and MIT I couldn't help but to take it personally :))

While it may be true that our education system has flaws, impossible to enumerate, I'd like to state that Indonesians are acknowledged for their prowess. You'd think that's because they had been in the "stronger" system of education - in other words, studying abroad - but that's not always the case.

I think what differ us from the rest of the world is the mindset the students have - most of the students. Sure, the system too has sth to do with this. And the systems most school employed aren't making things better. Simply put, the students are morally incapable thus resulting to "the lack of contribution in science"
there are always exception, though

Nan said...

You'll always need such kind of community, and generally you'll make one if there isnt. Usually a handful of fellow students is enough for me

You're really, officially making one? You seem to have much time on your hands. But that's ingenious and you have to count me in!

But if you don't, I'll just go and make one myself...

Akhyar Kamili said...

Yes, they are morally - and also technically incapable of what they should be capable of had they go through a better system. Even the scientific way of thinking is still uncommon for many of us. Save ITB graduates (not even all) and some other famous universities.

I don't really get that one.. What prowess? What are you trying to imply?

Haa you want a competition? It seems to me that _you_ have too much time in your hands :p

Rusnang Adha said...

Yar, thanks for sharing, those are remotely some simple ways to develop. And one way already in hand for all of us is never stop reading. You've come to this progressive activity (red.writing hobbies, etc) because you always find something new to share from reading. And that motivation will keep you up on the fast-running train of this dynamic world.

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