Je ne suis pas Charlie: Stop the hatred.

Friday, 9 January 2015

What happened two days ago in Paris is a tragedy.

Islam forbids the killing of people, of citizens unjustly. Showing up in broad daylight, wearing masks and holding guns, then starting shoot innocent people is wrong. To defend the act, is an act of ignorance. It's not just harmful to the victims, or to the french people, the greatest harm done by this crime is to muslims in Europe and the muslim population around the world.

With that said, let me make a statement here: Je ne suis pas Charlie.

No, not because I don't sympathize with the victims. Not because I agree with the attack. It's because I care, and I want this to stop. I'm not Charlie, who mocks religions for satire, I'm not Charlie, who spreads hate against religions, distorting images and creating twisted perceptions. This has to stop, now.

What Charlie Hebdo has done, is not justifiable in any means. Freedom of speech, like any other freedom, has rules to be followed. Offending 2 billion Muslims, or even almost 60 percent of the world population, is clearly not one of it.It's not even a newspaper, that would be an offense to newspapers.

Some media, however, just loves to make clickbaits for their own benefits, by creating hot debates on their site. For example, what USA Today did. This is a perfect example of human greed. Some online communities that promotes anti-Islam is not helping either. They are doing nothing but making the conflict worse.

If anything should be done right now, is to stop the overreacting and take a breath, then think about the whole story for a minute. Then, promote peace, and stop the hate.

Let me say it again.

Bandung, 9 Januari 2014
Akhyar Kamili

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