I'm really lucky.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

I was raised in a great family. I grew up in the best possible environment. I know, i'm very lucky. I have everything i need.

Aku juga tumbuh dengan (apa yang menurutku) urutan yang sempurna. Walaupun, compared to my friends, i grow up really slow. Reaaaaly slow back then. For example, waktu masa akhir SD. Hampir semua anak di kelasku punya facebook. Bagi mereka, interaksi dengan komputer dan internet adalah hal yang biasa. Pada waktu itu, aku adalah anak paling culun. I cannot follow them. I cannot follow their conversation. But well, i didn't give a sh*t, really. I was.. almost as pure as a newborn child. Just curious, i'm curious at everything. I don't like eating my food. I love to play soccer with my friends. That's all. My life is so simple.

I started to feel the growing-up process when i was out of my school. I learned alot of things. Aku homeschooling, jadi nggak punya teman. Alhasil, i'm always desperate to find a friend. Mulai dari tukang ojeg, supir angkot, sampai internet yang luasnya nggak terbatas. Even my looks changed too.

I feel a huge leap in my world. In the last two years, i learned french, i mastered english, i started learning arabic, i went deeper to the world of Internet. I learned programming. Computers, music, guitar, piano. I can fight for myself, i can argue. I even learned how to raise a baby. The next thing i see, i already left my old friends self far behind. I know what the world is about. I have a deeper understanding about myself.

I feel really lucky. What do you think about your life?

The downside of this kind of parenting: I feel really stupid, looking at myself just a couple months ago.

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