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Saturday, 27 April 2013

What in the world is Coursera?

Okay, i just found it. Not really, a friend gave me a link.

So.. Coursera is a place where you can study, real study, online. With teachers. In fact,you can find lecturers from all over the world! And one fact what wows me: It's completely free!

Yeah! You can learn lectures from 62 international universities for free. And it's open for anyone. Either you're a university student, a 65 years old grandma, or a 13 years old boy (I've encoutered all of them), you can take the courses. Some courses have their own special conditions, though.

The lessons are presented by videos. There's a lot of courses, too. Me, i took Algorithm, Interactive Python Programming, and some others. But i really liked the idea. It's cool, when you haven't even go to the college and already learning lessons from Princeton, Stanford.

Further more, There are also quizzes, mini-projects and disscussion forums.
In the disscusion forums, you can find Student Groups, Questions about quizzes, replies from the professors, and a lot more. In fact, it's pretty exciting. Like a real class. Only, with hundreds of people form all over the world. Haha.

However as we know, nothing is free. You need to do some things.

-Work out your English, especially in the subject you're interested in.
-Be serious, you must keep up with a far higher standards, far from we used to have here in Indonesia.
-Be honest, cheating doesn't do you any good here.

They are giving this away for free. If you have the chance, i strongly recommend you to visit this site.

Okay, if you're serious and interested in this, go here: coursera.com. Visit my coursera profile too!

Other than Coursera, there is also Udacity, but i;m yet to see it.

And if you're interested in Computer Science, tell me!

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