The whole blog here, is just a piece. A small piece of someone's life.

I share some of my stories here. There's a lot of them, and there will be a lot more. Yet, it's nothing.

Just picture it, this Earth has been home for one hundred seven billion people. Each are distinct. They have their stories, their memories, their opinions. And The level of complication is mind-blowing, isn't it? And yet, everything goes as Allah had planned. Such precision, such perfection. There is no place for our arrogance.

The author of this blog

Orang memanggilku Akhyar. Katanya, itu adalah bentuk superlatif dari khair, which means, the best. Quite a name to live with, isn't it?

We only lived once, so I guess.. I'll write my experiences here. To be read by another people, and hopefully, make them a better person. Untuk menjadi orang yang memberi manfaat bagi orang lain.

Well, aku hanyalah satu dari miliaran pemuda lain di dunia. Kalikan dengan faktor waktu, maka aku bukanlah siapa-siapa.

I am currently studying Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar. Graduating in 2020, inshaAllah.

Selamat datang di blogku, selamat membaca!


Nan said...

I was reading Quran and found out the meaning of your name then X)

You are "the best", yet you are "jack of all trades, master of none". That certainly have a nice ring to it.

Nan said...

I'll also leave a piece of my mind.

Akhyar is someone you won't regret knowing.
This came for someone who has known him for 12 years. This can't be a mistake.

Akhyar Kamili said...

Thanks Nan, you're the best.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaykum akhyar.. salam kenal. saya kenal dari facebook ibunda.. sukses terus ya

Akhyar Kamili said...

Wa'alaykumusalaam. Salam kenal Teh Dian :)

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